News / 16th May 2024

*Dinhata girl who underwent her congenital cleft lip and palate repair by a plastic surgeon wants to become a plastic surgeon*

Born with a congenital defect of the lip and palate , known medically as "Cleft lip and Cleft palate" and having the social stigma in school , Razia Sultana from Dinhata was brought by her parents to Dr Neela Bhattacharya at Anandaloke Hospital at Siliguri when she was 3 days old  to get her surgery done under Smile Train project free of cost . After stabilizing her weight, she underwent her cleft lip surgery when she was 6 months old in the year 2008 and again her cleft lip surgery when she was 3 years old in 2011. Since then her life changed and now she is staying in a hostel for her studies in Malda All Ammen school in Class XI with science with only one dream - to become a surgeon like Dr Neela Bhattacharya. She has written that vow on her hostel room wall and pasted it as a poster . During the routine follow up of all operated cases of Smile Train, they interview the patients on a regular basis till they are adult and it was found by  the Smile Train team that Razia has taken a vow to become a successful surgeon like Dr Neela Bhattacharya and do the similar surgery on such congenital defects children in her area and she has a poster in her room with that vow . Smile Train immediately requested the parents and Razia to send a pic of her poster in the wall, as it will be circulated to all over the country as an inspiration to all the children and also to set as an example for the society. Razia has taken the mission "I want to be a surgeon like Dr Neela Bhattacharya" in true spirit as she understands the problem and stigma of being born with a defective face and lips and then the sudden turn of life after a surgery. 

Dr Neela Bhattacharya expressed her joy and happiness for giving back the confidence and personality to similar  5000 children in North Bengal and surrounding areas born with cleft lip and palate since last 15 years as Project Director of Smile Train in this part of the country.

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