News / 13th Mar 2024

Kritagya - Acknowledging Women, a felicitation programme

Kritagya - Acknowledging Women, a felicitation programme organized by Hema Dewan , Director of Natraj Dance Academy & Studio in association with Cosmos Mall, Siliguri celebrating Women’s Day. 
The programme felicitated few remarkable ladies namely - Smt Munmun Sarkar, Dr Manita Pradhan, Manjusha Singh Chauhan, Rangu Souriya. Smt Bhaswati Chakraborty was the fifth awardee but due to her ill health could not join. The Chief Guest was Smt Shobha Subba ( Councillor of 42 no. ward). These ladies were felicitated for their work and service to the society.
It was an initiative to bring awareness and extend thanks to those individuals who selflessly and passionately are making a difference in society.

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