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Purnima reached Siliguri with five awards from Thailand Triangle Summit

Purnima reached Siliguri with five awards from Thailand Triangle Summit*

 - The representatives of various associations and organizations gave a warm welcome
 - Continuously achieving achievement in the field of Astrology-Vastu

Siliguri 9th November. 
Purnima Sonar, who won five awards at the Thailand Triangle Summit-2022 organized by the American Research Organization in Thailand's capital Bangkok, reached Siliguri on Thursday. It is to be known that Purnima was to reach Bagdogra Airport from Delhi on Wednesday. The aircraft could not land due to a technical fault in the runway ground of Bagdogra airport. After this, Purnima from Guwahati reached New Jalpaiguri railway station on Thursday, where representatives of various unions and associations gave a warm welcome.  It is noteworthy that Purnima Sonar is a resident of Devidanga in Siliguri, who has also achieved many achievements in the field of Vastu and Astrology.
According to the information received, astrologer-Vastu Shastri Purnima Sonar reached Delhi from Bangkok. After reaching Roorkee from Delhi, she reached Siliguri after getting blessings from her Guru and Gurumata. Along with the parents and relatives of Purnima, the locals gave a warm welcome.
According to the information received, Purnima Sonar, who is famous in the field of astrology and Vastu, has won many national and international honors even before this. Purnima Sonar has received five awards at Thailand Triangle Summit, including 'Medical Astrological Proficiency Award', Jyotish Chakraborty Award, Indo Thailand Vastu Brihaspati Award, International Astro Purohit Award, Indo Thailand Jyotish Award in the field of Vastu and Medical Astrology.
Astrologer-Vastu Shastri Purnima Sonar's father, social worker and senior independent journalist, Him Bahadur Sonar told that after getting knowledge from the world-renowned oriental expert and Vammarga Tantracharya Pandit (Doctor) Diwakar Sharma, the Guru of Purnima, said at an early age, Jyotish-Vastu Shastri Purnima did many things and earned respect.  Mr. Sonar informed that along with daughter Purnima, her Guru Pandit (Dr) Diwakar Sharma has also been honored with 'The Thai Buddha Life Time Achievement Awards' during the Thailand Triangle Summit. The father of Purnima Sonar, who illuminates the name in astrology-Vastu science, says that in this age, children are inclined to Vastu and astrology, this is a good sign. In the country where unemployment is on one side. At the same time, today astrology is progressing in making its future in Vastu science. It is important to have spiritual knowledge in children. When there is a coordination of spirituality and material knowledge within the children, then the life of the children will become successful.  This will send a meaningful message to the coming generation. Asha Devi Sonar, mother of Jyotish-Vastu Shastri Purnima Sonar, said that the village, city, state, and country are proud of all of us, including the family, because of the respect given to the daughter. The position that Purnima Sonar has achieved is a happy news not only for the whole of West Bengal, but also for Northeast India as well as for the country.  Astrologer-Vastu Shastri Purnima Sonar's father said that before the daughter reached home, she got a call that the American Research Organization (American Research Organization of the International Astrology Federation) has also declared a life honorary member.  School teacher Professor Manoj Chakraborty, who taught Purnima Sonar since childhood, has also congratulated him.

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